Jeep has long been at the head of the game with their vehicle development, but their creative team has also taken quite a few strides ahead in the industry around Peotone. While most manufacturers keep their vehicle secrets close, Jeep keeps their right out in the open.

Starting in 2011, they've included Easter eggs on their vehicles—small pieces of Jeep lore or history that would only be recognizable to fans of the brand. These small pieces of fun inclusion on their models have been a source of both amusement and fascination to Jeep fans.


You might be wondering how they could be doing this differently. Well, Jeep has just announced that they will be holding a competition for fans to come up with the next Jeep Easter Egg themselves. Fans are asked to come up with an entry that accomplishes four things:

  • Present the idea for a new Easter Egg in a clear and entertaining way
  • Represent the Jeep brand and be worthy of standing by past Easter Eggs
  • Be easy to understand and present the idea or icon in a clear way
  • Is distinctly unique and completely original

The winner of the competition will not only have their icon, or Easter Egg put onto an unreleased Jeep model, but they'll also receive a brand new Jeep for themselves. If you're not sure whether you have an idea worth sending in, we'd just encourage you to try it! There's no fee for entrance, so you'll have nothing to lose - and a new Jeep to gain - not to mention your name next to some of the most acclaimed automotive designers the industry has to offer.

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