For a long time, Jeep has been about embracing the community of its owners and giving them many ways to stay connected. With many areas offering clubs or events for owners of the brand, Jeep has a significant following of people passionate about their vehicles. Thanks to this, Jeep developed an app that allows this community to stay connected better than ever. With the Jeep Badge of Honor mobile app, drivers can access a library of trails that have been conquered by these durable vehicles and will receive a "badge" in the app when they complete them. Read on to learn more!

More About the Jeep Badge of Honor App

Now Jeep owners can download the app and begin earning their badges from completing trails even easier than before. Users can create a profile with their vehicle info and pictures of themselves at the trails, and even recommend new trails for enthusiasts to try. These owners can also leave reviews and tips for others to utilize that is easily accessed in the app all over Illinois. Jeep has also added new trails of their own and expanded the library, making it even easier and more fun to collect the badges associated with each specific area.

The recent total has accumulated up to 56 trails for Jeep owners to access nationwide, making sure there is plenty of places to choose from. The trails allow people to check-in and include highlights and details of the course as well as giving them an assigned difficulty rating. Allowing users of the app to suggest new trails will expand this number even more as people discover new areas to conquer in their Jeep vehicles.

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Jeep has ranked among the best when it comes to connecting owners of the brand. The Jeep Badge of Honor app has really stepped up that sense of community, allowing people to communicate easier than ever. With its ease of access and many great features, these trail-seekers will not soon run out of badges to earn and trails to conquer. If you'd like to learn more about all Jeep vehicles have to offer, we encourage you to check out our new Jeep inventory. We look forward to working with you soon!

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